Indian Stock Market NSE and BSE both are gradually going down and down, make new low on closing of the Each days, its begin from Diwali Mahurat Treading Session. Many Investors asking to me that What do you think about market? Will the markets touch 12,000? From which date we can start buying or Make position in market ? Or do you feel any unfounded fear ?

Will Indian Stock Market - Bombay Stock Exchange - BSE, National Stock Exchange - NSE Recover from current levels during November 2009 ?

Astrology18 Group has given prediction that Market is likely to recover after third Week of November 2009, so Investor need not to worry, Market will cross 17,000 again.

Transiting Sun will transit from Scorpio sign and will be in Separating aspect with Transiting Saturn. Transiting Venus will occupy Libra sign, indicates Market may remain volatile. Market may touch both extreme, so be careful between 2nd November 2009 and 25th November 2009. November will be testing month for Market. Some Good News and More Sad News may effect the sentimental of Market.

Astrology18 Group personally advice to all Visitor of our site and blog, do not make any long term position up to 25th November 2009. However, Investor may get change to make position on Monday 2nd November and Exit on 5th November 2009, It would be good day for Market, you are likely to get some profit, it may also help you to recover your money, after 5th November 2009 to 25th November 2009, Investor should be more careful and cautious. Market may go more down during these days.

Power of Astrological calculation says that Indian Stock Market will see new high or Market may go up and cross over 17,000 between 26th November 2009 and 14th December 2009.