We Astrology18 Group have predicted on 25th July 2010 that Indian Stock Market may crash during last quarter of 2010.

Now other technical analyst and other stock predictor are also saying the same.

Gujarat Samashar Leading Newspaper in India has published following articles on 24th August 2010.

Astro Alert
See the Power of Astrological calculation we will see big fall in Indian Stock Market. Looking at planetary position Indian Stock Market would be heavily volatile. Perhaps, there may be correction upto 10% to 15% During last quarter of 2010. exit all long position. which month, Week and dates would be crucial for Indian Stock Market, that would be given only to Paid Subscribers.

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Mile Stone Prediction

Will Indian Stock Market Crash During 2010 ?

BSE Down by 512.01 Points and NSE Dips By 154.10 Points between 20/10/2009 and 23/10/2009

Bulls will back - BSE Sensex will touch 12,000 between April - May 2009

Astro Alert - BSE Sensex and NSE will down by 5% to 15% during June 2008

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